All-Star Contest

In "normal years", at the conclusion of the season, an invitational All-Star Contest is held over Memorial Day weekend with top teams in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions participating. 

This is not a normal year by any means! 

The 2020 ACSL Invitational All-Star Contest is cancelled.


In its place, ACSL will host an online ACSL 2020 Finals on Saturday, May 23, 2020 in which qualified individual students from all divisions may elect to participate.  To qualify, students in the Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Classroom Division must score at least 25 points in the regular season Each student will compete in the ACSL Finals in his/her own home. The Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions will start at 10am EDT (7am on the West Coast; 5pm in Europe) with a video conference at The Classroom and Elementary Divisions will start at 2pm EDT at the same link.

The ACSL Finals will consist of individual programming problems (for the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions) with a 3-hour time limit, a break, and short problems (for all divisions) with a 1-hour time limit. Students will use the HackerRank online platform to code in Python3, Java8, or C++. Students will have access to the sample data during the coding period; the code will be submitted electronically where it will be executed on the test data and scored automatically. The answers to the short problems will be submitted to electronically, and it will be scored automatically. Results will appear on the ACSL Leaderboard

Prizes will be awarded in each division based on the total score (programming problems and short problems) Grade level will not be used to determine prize winners. There are no tie-breakers; duplicate prizes will be awarded to students with the same scores. Prizes will be sent directly to students.

An advisor registers his qualified students by going to his school dashboard on the ACSL Leaderboard. At that page, advisors will enter student's email addresses. ACSL will email the student links to pay the registration fee (20USD) and a practice contest. It's important for students to try the practice contest to become familiar with the platforms and confirm that their results show up on the Finals Leaderboard.